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Our Focus: Self Development, Social Awareness & Engagement.


Self Development rests upon the pillars of self-awareness and self-management. Before we can learn how to be grittier, or navigate uncertainty, we need an accurate representation of our current self.

Self-Development workshops start by assessing your strengths and self-talk. We then work on creating alignment between your strengths and your values. Then we identify your stress triggers and response to enhance your emotional awareness in moments of uncertainty. Finally, we work on creating new habits to help you continue your journey of self-development.

The Outcome: Self Confidence

By the end of this workshop, you will have gained insight on how to align your strengths with your values, respond to situations of stress, and maintain optimism in spite of obstacles.

Social Awareness

Social Awareness builds on the foundation created in the Self-Development process. Leveraging the insights & habits gathered, we shift our focus to the elements needed for collaboration.

Social Awareness workshops start by looking at different models of communication and practicing different methods of listening. We then shift our focus to understanding the importance of connecting with empathy & perspective taking to help you form deeper connections.

The Outcome: Deeper Relationships

By the end of this workshop, you will have gained insight on how to communicate & connect with others, understand their perspective and build deep relationships.


Engagement leverages the foundation created through the prior workshops, Self-Development & Social Awareness, to focus on the impact created through expression.

Engagement workshops start by reflecting on your current self, as identified in the Self-Development journey. We then look at the habits that bridge your current self with your authentic self. We then shift our focus to understanding the connection between authenticity and integrity in building relationships. Finally, we look at the different components of engaging with vulnerability and how that ties into being able to respond to situations of uncertainty and communicating through honesty.

The Outcome: Creating Trust

By the end of this workshop, you will have gained insight on how to express your authentic self, and how the impact of engaging with integrity results in building trust.

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