What comes next?

Last year, the Inquisitive Report covered the initial progress I had made on the framework, the type of outreach I was involved in, the kinds of workshop I hosted, and my basic understanding of the industry value. For 52 weeks, we made progress on Xpanse.

And as 52 weeks came to an end, I began preparing for another project. I thought this time I would try something different, perhaps shift the focus to personal growth – and then I had a realization:

The type of personal growth that inspires me the most, results in the Xpansion of Xpanse.

So that brings us to today – and the start of this new endeavor.

Xpansion will focus on many of the topics displayed in the diagram above, and a few others. There will be status reports that track progress, thoughts, insights, challenges, etc.

This project isn’t bounded to a strict timeline. The goal and primary metric for success is honest engagement and progress. Some weeks there will be a lot – some weeks maybe not. Such is life.

The point is…

Are we doing all that we can, for the Xpansion of Xpanse?

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