The Self-Expansion Project

I present to you the intent behind the Self-Expansion Project

I have always been interested in progress. Often times, in our desire to make progress we set goals, and then embark on a mission to “accomplish” those goals. Repeat this over and over again – and you can call it life.

For the longest time, this has been my approach too. I have always considered myself ambitious – driven, motivated, hard working. All these adjectives truly do reflect my personality, and they have helped me make great strides towards aligning my profession with my passion.

Yet there is this voice that whispers to me… look a little deeper, there is something more that calls you, are you willing to explore?

Today I am ready to respond back: I am.

And as I explore the variety of interests that call me, I hope to begin understanding the “processes” that I enjoy… what challenges invigorate me, what tasks bore me, when I enter states of flow…  quite literally through exploring what makes me excited, happy, and slightly uncomfortable – I hope to get a better idea of how: what I love, what I’m good at, what I can be paid for, and what the world needs— comes into alignment.

The result will be a foundational understanding of my reason for being.

A bold goal, yes, I agree. But I would like to remind you, it isn’t the “goal” that I seek, rather it is the entire “process.”

For what I learn through, and about the “process,” is what will guide me, long after the Self-Expansion Project is over, in living everyday into my dreams.

Inspiration for the project is adapted from many sources, and this book.

Additional details about the Project can be found here.

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