The Inquisitive Report 1/52

 Week ending February 2nd, 2018

Content Covered: The Origin Story


A Wrinkle in Time

Since this is the first report, it only makes sense to take a moment and discuss how all of  this started.

Sometime towards the end of the year 2015, I found myself itching to learn something new. So I did what any Millennial would do: I went online to see the events near me that sounded fun and cool. In the long list of possible opportunities were two that stood out, the first was a Design Thinking Panel Discussion at Palo Alto’s HanaHouse and the other was a Workshop on Communication Skills hosted by Dave Collins of Oak & Reeds at SF’s very own General Assembly.

So inquisitive me, decided to attend both events, and what came next shaped everything.

See, humans fascinate me–  let me clarify: the very nature of being human fascinates me.

Think about that for a second…

We are so much more than just a sack of blood and bones. We are the culmination of every choice that we make, and conversely- every choice we don’t make… we are an amalgamation of complex processes – some biological and others psychological; and through this vortex of chaos is born: the self  (or our identify of self- if you want to be technical).

I find the possibilities of ‘being human’ endlessly fascinating – furthermore, I wish to share this conundrum with others for two simple reasons:

  1. I wish to create abundance.
  2. I wish to help others help themselves to create abundance.

What do I mean by abundance… ah this is where our journey, my dear reader, begins….

The Workshops

It seems like Personal and Professional Development has been a part of my life even before I was conscious of it (thank you, mom and dad).

College gave me wonderful opportunities to begin refining the ‘how to’ share this information (thank you ISMA and DSP); but it wasn’t until recently that I understood ‘why’ any of this is important (thank you me – and kismet).

Some may call me rebellious, personally, I’m only asking for ‘confidence’ from the other when I say: Tell me why, before you show me how to do something.

The reason? Human psychology.

Our need for safety is instinctive (thank you primal brain). So it’s natural to want to make sure that ‘this’ – whatever ‘this’ is, is going to help me in some way. And that is why the ‘why’ is so important. It answers the “how is this going to help me” before a person can even ask it. (Responding with respect to our primal needs is THE fastest way to tap into the most instinctive side of human nature.. thus making the job of ‘convincing someone to listen’ all that much easier. Really trust me: always start with why… and the more inspiring your why.. the stronger your message (ps: we’ll get to inspiration on a later date))

Now that you have all the pieces: let’s reverse engineer.

Why am I doing this?

I believe in shaping the future to fit the needs of tomorrow by design.

I believe that by creating a platform to empower young professionals to meet the evolving demands of life, society and economy we will in turn create an environment of growth, innovation and fulfillment.

As individuals work on their inter and intra personal skills, we will begin to rebalance the equation of productivity; producing maximum output and fulfillment by driving meaning and purpose as the building blocks of engagement.

And the most beautiful outcome of this process of self growth and actualization is that we will make the world a kinder, healthier and happier place for all living organisms. (I’m keeping you in mind too, Mrs. Plant and Mr. Elephant)

You see, I dream of a world filled with abundance.

….Abundance in how one perceives their ability to create choices.

I dream of a world where we can, consciously and productively, ​engage choices to chisel and sculpt the design of life; in this world we are the architects.

How– is my vision coming along?

I’m proud to say, I’m nudging along quite well in making my dream a reality. I have the support of my friends and family (most especially my little bro) to thank.

Half of my journey, thus far, has been about being aware of all the opportunities around me, and the other half has been about engaging in those opportunities.

Recently: I’ve reached out to the Career Center at UCSC to see if I can get a larger audience for my workshops… and they responded back!! Double yay!! I have a phone call set with them for next Friday.. so keep your fingers crossed for me. I’d truly love the opportunity to be able to share insights that, if not today- then surely in the future, have the potential to help each student take charge and create the life they desire.

On a tangential journey: I’ve been taking classes with Jaunty on Social Intelligence. Why you may wonder… because, being an established consulting firm with actual demand from SF — and the DESIRE to enter into the education sphere… and a presence in the EAST COAST, I thought Jaunty might be the perfect ‘professional’ candidate for me to “check out” as a possible career transition. Yes they have a lot going for them; classes are every Monday for six weeks – and thus far I not only enjoy participating as a student, but I can envision myself being a facilitator for them (let’s see how this story continues; nothing concrete yet…)

What comes next?

Recently I read that: Excitement comes from the achievement; fulfillment comes from the journey that got you there.* And I have to say this was the most beautiful reminder to enjoy all the steps (even the slow cumbersome email exchanges); because one day when I look back, it’s the infinite miniscule steps that I’ve taken to make my dream a possibility that will add gravitas to reality.

And with that in mind, thank you, wise friend who recommended I start this process of collection and reflection; to you I tribute this entry…

I hope you have found inquisitive, The Inquisitive Report.

Till next week,


*Quote by Simon Sinek

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  1. Congratulations Raashi… read your news letter and I can visualize your exponential growth as you pursue and follow your dream!!! God bless you with a brilliant bright successful fulfilling life!!! Mom ❤️🤗

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