Inquisitive Report 12/52

Week Ending April 20th, 2018

Content Covered: Storytelling Workshop Recap & Next Steps

This past Tuesday, I successfully held my first Career Center workshop at UCSC, and the turnout and response was inspiring.

As you are all aware, the workshop itself was built around the communication technique of storytelling. The workshop itself involved three activities: a “Yes, And” warm up, a handout to outline their introduction using the material we discussed and then a networking event to practice their approach.

After the workshop, two individuals came up to me and mentioned that this was one of the most engaging workshops that they had been to (eeek) and asked if I would be hosting any other workshops this quarter (double eeeeeeek).

I was elated to hear that the material resonated – and to be quiet honest: this workshop was a lot less “engaging” than I would like my material to be – in the sense that I believe that my true style of hosting workshops leans towards 85% dynamic (meaning activities) and 15% commentary. This workshop was more vice versa.

So what comes next? Well two major things: first, I am going to start outlining a workshop for General Assembly, and second, I’m going to start collecting and drafting material for a Professional Development Book for college students.

What is the intent for both of these activities?

Hosting a workshop with General Assembly is going to allow me to broaden my audience base, and give me a chance to take my material out of the education setting.

And writing a book will encourage me to standardize the material and concepts- collectively.

*Deep Sigh* There is so much to look forward too, I’m incredibly excited – slightly nervous and so ready for what’s going to come my way next.

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  1. Very proud of your focus and go to attitude!! You connect well with the youth as not to long ago you were on the other side of the spectrum, broadening your horizon means again learning and growing from it!! Good luck on your on going journey!! God bless you ❤️🤗


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