Inquisitive Report 18/52

Week Ending June 1st, 2018

Content Covered: Preparing for General Assembly

A few months ago I attended a General Assembly workshop on Communication Skills. Dave Sloan, from Big Talker, was the one of the hosts for the evening, and after the workshop I had a chance to connect with him. During the following months we started to build our relationship; and since then I’ve attend a whole bunch of their events; recently I mentioned to Dave that I’ve been doing something similar at Universities, and that one day I’d love to host a workshop at General Assembly.

He said he’d be more than happy to help; and now: it’s about putting in the work to make that happen.

As I embark on this journey of research and preparing content, I’ve questioned what is my purpose with this workshop several times. My passion lies in helping individuals enhance their interpersonal skills to achieve higher levels of fulfillment both at work and in their personal lives. Improv has provided me the perfect foundation to create that experiential learning environment to work on these skills, and hosting at General Assembly will require that I find the statistical reasoning behind my work.

It is in the intersection of: Emotional Intelligence, Improv Activities, and Industry Demand that this workshop will come to life.

And that has been the goal of this week, outlining the what, why and how of my very own *potential* workshop at General Assembly.

I’ll present some of my material to you next week 😉

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  1. Good Luck for your workshop!!! You have much to give and share, those with an open mind will definitely benefit from your workshop!!! Look forward to experiencing some of it thru this blog in coming weeks ❤️


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