Inquisitive Report 26/52

Week Ending July 27th, 2018

Content Covered: What comes next?

I’m happy to announce that everything is now set in motion for me to move to Boston; August 30th will be my first day on my new adventure at Harvard.

During the past few weeks I’ve gone through a sinusoidal wave of emotions; I’ve felt everything from hope & anticipation to fear & uncertainty… after all this is a big change in my life.

I’m leaving a lot of opportunities behind, here in California – in anticipation for new opportunities tomorrow. I do wish I had done more with the relationships that I was forming with Eric Waisman from Jaunty, Dave Collins from Oak and Reed, and Dave Sloan from Big Talker. I hope I have not – in some way – let them down by not being able to follow through on our conversations.

I will be sending a personalized note with this news, and my hope for us to stay in touch going forward – and by doing so, I know that I will have done the best that I could.

As for what is in store for me in Boston: knowledge and enlightenment. I aspire to gain exposure in many of the fields related to my work: self awareness, grit, courage, compassion, etc. I aspire to gain a better understanding of how my academic goals tie into the vision that I have for Xpanse, and I also aspire to formulate the framework on which I will support this experiential learning platform.

In order to enable these high level goals, I will be working on a lot of smaller goals, such as: networking and interviewing people that are in my industry, reading and researching papers and studies on the scientific validation and value of my work, and actively working with mentors and advisors to make my dream of a PHD a reality.

Simply put: there is a lot to do, and I’m very excited about that. It’s been a long time coming – but things finally feel like they fit. I believe I will not only sustain this drive and motivation but it will multiply when I am in an environment that supports and enables me to become more than I am today.

Wish me luck 😉

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  1. All the best! New adventure awaits you. Proud of you.. you’re the best example of someone who sets clear goals, put mind & focus with hard work to meet them.You go girl!!!

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  2. Proud of you always!! I know you are destined for great achievements!!! Enjoy this new journey of morphing and evolving!!! You are a beautiful person inside out and you deserve only the best!!! We are with you every step of the way!!! Chase your dreams and leave your own unique mark on this world!!!


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