Inquisitive Report 35/52

Week Ending September 28th, 2018

Content Covered: Koan

I recently wrote a post on Koan’s, you can find the article here:

Essentially, a Koan is a question or statement that cant be grasped by reason; they are paradoxical in nature and require you to create space for uncertainty.

In the article I provide a quote by Rumi and a question for you to ponder; before I share my thoughts on what both those mean to me, I’d like to hear from you!

Take a moment after reading the post on Koan’s to wrestle with the how your mind decides to create logic and meaning; perhaps you’ll learn more about yourself than you think.

Additionally, this week I had my Design Thinking class presentation on the Xpanse idea that I proposed last week; and it was a huge success. Everyone loved the idea, and thought there was real value and application and now I am in the process of hashing out the details.

Plus there is a club on campus called HIVE, that focuses on educational start-up ideas – and I’m like ding ding, I should go network with them. Who knows? Maybe I’ll find a partner who is passionate about EI and the intersection of Improv and Application!

Wish me luck!

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