Inquisitive Report 30/52

Week Ending August 24th, 2018

Content Covered: Awareness and Creativity

Sometimes you cant put your conclusions into words, because the sensations have not cohered into any conscious message.*

This is my current state.

This being the last full week in California, I feel everything – and yet I can’t articulate my thoughts into sentences, nor share my sentences in narrative.

And what I do end up writing sounds more like poetry than prose.

Perhaps I’ll share that piece with you next week… for today, I’d like to talk about the process of awareness and how it overlaps with creativity .

Awareness and creativity both reside on the basis of presence – and both can lead to novel insights. Previously, we’ve discussed that awareness requires attention – or presence in the moment, today I’d like to propose that creativity is actually a by-product of awareness.

When we are present to the moment, to the environment we are taking space in, to the thoughts and feelings inside our being, to the larger context of interactions both around and within us- what we are allowing is for the creation of associations. The primary function of awareness is to explore and engage with curiosity; questions that start with “I wonder” result in opening the door of unconscious possibilities through conscious dialogue. The result is often ‘creativity’ in it’s most tangible sense – a new idea, a new product, or new innovation.

The process that leads to ‘creativity’ is the same that is required to understand ourselves more deeply – and in my personal opinion to lead a more fulfilling life.

In a way – this is the essence of the work that I not only do with myself, but one day aspire to help others engage with.

I wonder, what was the last thing you were curious about?

*Quote from David Brooks book Social Animal

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