Inquisitive Report 37/52

Week Ending October 12th, 2018

Content Covered: Serendipity

Serendipity is when luck meets preparation.

Serendipitous is how I have been feeling lately. From spontaneous phone calls that piece together conundrums I’ve been contemplating to meeting faculty who offer the opportunity to host workshops for them. I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by opportunities.

And what comes next really is the hardest part; it was my biggest regret in California and I can see it happening again now: not saying yes because I feel like I am not prepared.

Inherently, humans are driven to avoid uncertainty – and choosing to put myself out there, to be critically examined, is hard —

It’s hard even though I am aware that it’s all about creating dialogue with the problems; and then iterating.

And like a mentor said: at the moment it’s more about quantity than quality. Meaning I don’t have to feel pressured to be perfect, and yet…

Here I am: standing at the cusp of saying yes completely terrified.

Yes, I’m scared –

– and because it scares me I know that it is worth it.

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