Inquisitive Report 42/52

Week Ending November 16th, 2018

Content Covered: Mental Models

I completed my first pass at identifying the core principles of the Xpanse framework. On the Page titled Mental Models, you will see what I have identified.

Next, I am working on identifying the Tools of the Trade.

Thoughts as I Worked on The Principles

There is an important relationship to pay attention to when creating a list of principles, values or beliefs. The more we can shift the content towards being actionable, the easier it is for our minds to be able to associate activities, habits, and choices that we need to make in order to create alignment.

In short, for values or guiding principles to be truly effective, they have to be verbs (actions). It’s not “integrity”, it’s “always do the right thing.”

I did my best to rephrase all core principles to be actionable, but personally, I think as I continue to work with, apply and teach this material I will be able to iterate on the content that I have to better reflect this core idea.

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