The Inquisitive Report 6/52

Week ending March 9th, 2018

Content Covered: Q&A

On Other Related Material 

During the previous reports, I mentioned a few TBD’s, today I’d like to give some insight on one those topics (inspiration, selling, audience type and frame):

On “Frame”

Frame is the way you view the world; it is your reality. Another common name for ‘frame’ is perspective, for the sake of our discussion we will use them interchangeably.

We’ve all heard of the saying: you find what you seek. Have you ever wondered why this is true? –Frame. The frame with which we approach a situation has the entire power to create the reality that you will experience. So the question is: what do you believe is possible?

Our perceptions about the world reinforces and creates our reality of the world. So it follows, if you want something – you have to first believe it is possible to have/be/achieve/etc. that very thing. It’s amazing how important this step is, and yet how few people actually take the time to ask themselves: what do I believe to be true? – possible? – capable of myself achieving?

And lastly- as with all theories – the idea is very beautiful, the challenge always comes in the daily implementation of the ideology. Assessing and re-assessing your frame is a daily conscious decision, at least until the perspective that you desire becomes a habit (this is normally the case after 30 or so days of consistency – more on this when we talk about habit formation).

A Personal Anecdote 

The other day, I was reflecting on how all of this (Xpanse) started in the first place, I quickly corrected myself and reframed the question to be: why did all of this start in the first place? And the answer was quite simple: for me.

Not too long ago, I was actually quite disheartened at the fact that I could never concentrate long enough to become “very good” at one thing. All around me I saw people diving head first into specializing into this field or that – pursuing passionately their interest, and I would compare their choices to the lack of mine and feel utter despair.

It was during one of my thought hurricanes on how I don’t fit in that I realized: I don’t really have to. First out of rebellion, then insight – I started reading, quite VoraXious-ly. I consumed everything from Astrophysics to Psychology, and as I consumed this vast amount of literature I began to see patterns of familiarity… and flaws in the design.

It was a humbling experience, to see that we all are really just trying to do our best, some through specialization and others through synthesi-zation; it was with this discovery that I allowed myself the grace to traverse down a path less traveled.

I embraced what I thought then was my flaw, today I consider my eclectic inquisitive nature my greatest gift. And the most important lesson I’ve learned through this experience is: work with your gifts, your quirks, your uniqueness – start from there and leverage what makes you – you to find your place in this world.

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