The Inquisitive Report 7/52

Week ending March 16, 2018

Content Covered: Jaunty, Social Intelligence Workshop

On Social Intelligence 

Jaunty believes: “Nothing improves confidence more than knowing that you can meet people anywhere.”

I signed up for Jaunty’s six-week course on social intelligence with two desires, first to understand what and how others who are in the same domain as I- decide on content and teach. And second to see if my vision aligns with their’s and if there might be a possibility to work together.

My six weeks ended this past Monday, and I have to say I have gained tremendous insight not only on my own process when it comes to interacting with others, but also on what it takes to create structure out of an abstract concept and then present it in a tangible manner so that it resonates.

Today I’d like to share some of my takeaways from the workshop:

It’s all about intentions. When you know that your intentions are good, the frame (or perspective) with which you approach the situation embodies more authenticity and confidence.

Everything you do is an investment. Every choice, every decision, every inaction. Each can either take you closer or further away from what you desire. When we start paying attention to why we are doing it what we are doing, we reach the place where we can ask: how much do I want my investment to be worth?

Selective Memory: Two things determine the strength of your memory of an event: the strength of the emotion you felt as it happened, and how often you relive it in your head.

I once read that the present becomes the past as we speak about it. In an essence, everything we say or do is with respect to our ‘memory’ or ‘recollection’. You’d think this realization would encourage us to be a bit more objective in how we encode our memories – but lo we are first and foremost – emotional beings. Emotion and memory cannot be separated.

So this takes me back to the previous point: everything you do is an investment. The memories that receive “weight” are often an investment towards some thought – whether, by implicit or explicit choice, it is an investment we have made.

If we don’t like the type of investment we are making or have made, we can choose differently… perhaps that is the most precious insight to receive: it is always your choice.

These are only a few of the points that I took away from this class, for the full effect: I’d recommend that you take the class 😉

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