Inquisitive Report 20/52

Week Ending June 15th, 2018

Content Covered: Quality of Life


Often times in life, we are enticed to try and find the ‘happy path;’ a way of living and being that maximizes our happiness and removes all pain and suffering.

As artistic as this thought may be in expression, the reality of our life calls for a slightly modified approach.

I completely support maximizing happiness, and I believe that the most healthy way to do so is to identify your values.

Because what we value determines the nature of our problems, and the nature of our problems will determine the quality of our lives.*

In a way, all of my insights points to this concept that: values are the why we do what we do. And yet, more often than not, most people whom I encounter have not truly taken a moment to reflect on what it is that they consider their values.

Perhaps that is where the true disconnect to maximizing happiness is: we are not able to choose the problems we wish to pursue, since we haven’t asked ourselves what am I willing to struggle for?

*Quote from Book

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