Inquisitive Report 21/52

Week Ending June 22nd, 2018

Content Covered: Mind Map -> Action Plan

Often times when I find my self stuck or confused I create a mind map of the questions lurking in my mind, so as to find the associations and patterns between my thoughts and gain some clarity on what it is that I need to do.

Passions - Page 1

Normally after the mind map exercise I usually make a list of some action items and call it a day, but this time I decided to take my strategy to another level.

Currently, I’m experimenting with a concept of hierarchical goals, more specifically identifying one or two life philosophies and then seeing how my goals and efforts align and enable – or take away, from living with this philosophy.

<…sounds a bit like project planning huh? Fear not- we need not get so granular… >

Passions - Page 3

I would encourage everyone to experiment with mind mapping and perhaps even identify the key philosophies with which you choose to spend your time in this life…

The diagraming tool that I use is free and web based:

The format for breaking down your goals and the concept behind life philosophies, I obtained from Angela Davis’ Book: Grit.


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