Inquisitive Report 32/52

Week Ending September 7th, 2018

Content Covered: Patterns

It’s officially been a week of classes (Management Marketing, Organization Behaviour and Design Thinking) – and I have to say: I think I’m going to love the material.

I really didn’t know what to expect from Harvard graduate courses, but I’m happy to report back that along with ridiculous amounts of reading – we’re finally using class time the way it should be used: for discussions, and not completely for lectures.

Procedures aside, as I start settling down my life here in Boston, I find myself looking for patterns. Some patterns like a routine or a habit – create familiarity. Other patterns like what Organization Behavior and Design Thinking have in common allow me to begin bridging a variety of schools of thoughts into one comprehensive framework.

That is what I wish to do with my time here: identify life patterns that make me a better, more productive and fulfilled human being – and patterns that help me help others help themselves.

In the following few weeks I will present some of the insights gathered from class… it really is the start of something new.

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  1. Good planning is 50% work done, rest of the 50% is just making sure to ‘show-up’ into your plan 🙂 simple isn’t it?


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