Inquisitive Report 34/52

Week Ending September 21st, 2018

Content Covered: Creativity

I love it when work in one area feeds into a need in another.

This week for my Design Thinking class we were asked to come up with a project that met three criterias: orignal, beautiful and useful.

That’s it.

The rest was up to us to decide – so I did what I normally do: create a mind map.

Creativity Project

I started by asking myself: what do I find beautiful? Then I associated my perspective on beauty with tangible ideas – the three you see are: loofah that dispenses soap, floating candle holder and an experiential meet up.

Each idea meets some criteria of beautiful, and yet it was the experential meet up that caught my attention.

Essentially the work that I have been doing in workshops at Universities can be recycled and renovated to fit the scope of hosting a monthly meetup that allows for us to engage with some experiential learning.

I’m so excited 🙂 because my Design Thinking class is giving me a chance to work on something that feeds directly into my work in Xpanse!

My goal is to host a meet up on the third sunday of everyth month, starting this October!

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