Inquisitive Report 40/52

Week Ending November 2nd, 2018

Content Covered: Random Thoughts, Playbook, etc.

Random Thought

Recently I stumbled upon seven little words that changed my world.

We teach what we need to learn.

Quite like other Koan’s, the quote shouldn’t be considered literally. Rather when you sit with it for a moment, perhaps you’ll come to realize, quite like I did, that what we are passionate about is what encompasses our being.

We exude what fascinates us not only in our choices of how to spend time but also in our most favorite conversations. Perhaps, like me, you too have many things that you are “passionate” about – that’s absolutely fine, the concept still holds: we teach what we need to learn, not because we need to learn it in the literal sense, but because we are driven to understand all the layers and nuances around these particular subjects.

By these subjects- we are enchanted.

The Playbook

I’ve been toying with the concept of core principles, or organizing ideas around which this framework operates – I have an exhaustive list of things that I think are important, and then I have a list of tools and techniques that workshops touch on – but I suppose what I’m most interested in creating next is an amalgamation of both: organizing principles that our framework focuses on, and best practices for how to achieve those principles. The byproduct is what I’m calling a Playbook.*

*The name is subject to change if I find something more illuminating along the way…

Happiness Project

Some of you may have noticed that a new tab has been added to the website titled: Happiness Project.

52 weeks for the Inquisitive Report will conclude sometime in February, at which point I’ll be launching another 12-month initiative. This time the focus will be the application of concepts in Emotional Intelligence (and maybe a few other things). I will provide more information as the time comes closer, and I hope to inspire each of you to embark on your own version of the Happiness Project.

My inspiration for the Happiness Project came from Gretchen Rubin’s Book.

Final Thoughts 

In the next few weeks I will be playing around with different newsletter styles, including different information, and overall up-hauling how I have been approaching Xpanse and the Inquisitive Report (we can call it Fall cleaning).

If you are interested in seeing anything in particular or have opinions and feelings on what I’ve been doing – please feel free to share; along with sharing my ramblings, I would like to be relevant to what you find meaningful.


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