Inquisitive Report 52/52

Week Ending January 25th, 2019

Content Covered: The Last Inquisitive Report

We did it 😀

As I look through all the material that we’ve talked about, I notice that the first 10 were most about Xpanse, the next five or so were about the workshops I was taking. The the next ten reports covered habits and leadership traits. And then the second half of the year -which was right around the time that I moved to Boston, the material started diving straight into philosophy.

What started primarily as a focus on Xpanse, blossomed into me understanding and learning about life. In the process of curating my thoughts I have truly learnt a lot about discipline, commitment, creativity, grit and persistence. There were weeks where I couldn’t think of anything to write, and then there were weeks where I couldn’t stop writing. And now here we are; at the end.

Today, I stand at the peak of an accomplishment.

52 weeks, 52 stories, 52 reports. Thank you for your love, support and curiosity. I hope the material written here has proven to be insightful for you, quite like it has been for me.

Next Friday I will announce the details of my Happiness Project, till then – stay Inquisitive 😉

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