Inquisitive Report 51/52

Week Ending January 18th, 2019

Content Covered: Problems & Perspectives

A problem is a narrowing of a perspective. The magnitude of the problem is determined by our ability or inability to see a solution. It’s not the size or range of the problem that determines how bad it is; it’s the span of our perception of the whole image. – Emily Maroutian

Stuck. Often times in the pursuit of life goals, we find ourselves at an impasse, be it lack of motivation, time or simply inertia – we deem ourselves “stuck.” The object that has been labeled as the “problem” between our inaction and action receives the blame, and then that’s it.

For once blame has been assigned, we resign further exploration of what can be done. Perhaps this is why I have always regarded a person’s ability to see “solutions” as incredibly important.

A problem is actually a request of growth; because if we want to overcome the problem, then we have to become better than who we were when the problem first appeared.*

Barraged with anger, frustration, disappointment and perhaps even fear – each emotion serves a necessary purpose in shinning light on some aspect of our being that requires a bit of attention and relief.

Confusion is amongst the emotions that we will feel as we go through the process, and it is an incredibly vital one. Confusion rips us of our usual habits of thinking and behaving and forces us to ask questions we wouldn’t normally ask.* And in the process of stepping outside of our comfort zone we discover something new – something that transforms us and expands us past our current set of limitations.

So, when confronted with problems, I would recommend expanding our perspective of what “problems” even mean. Perhaps in the subtlety of language and in our ability to reframe, we will discover our power to move through the different phases of life, and not get stuck in between.

* Quotes from Emily Maroutian’s Book of Relief

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