Inquisitive Report 50/52

Week Ending January 11th, 2019

Content Covered: What are you willing to struggle for?

Our values determine the nature of our problems, and the nature of our problems determines the quality of our lives.

-Mark Manson

We are allowed to change. What we want is allowed to change. What we believe is allowed to change. Where we have been spending time is allowed to change.

We are not wrong to welcome change into our lives.

The struggle that we feel between the pull of what was and what is trying to be is normal.

More so, at times of uncertainty the real task comes down to answering: what are you willing to struggle for?

Often in the past, I have talked about the importance of alignment to values as a form of grounding when navigating through the waters of life. Today I would like to touch on that topic through the lens of adaptation.

Each experience that we walk through does one of two things; either it reinforces our existing beliefs, or challenges what we hold to be true.

Our task is to reconcile dissonance, and reinforce the beliefs that take us closer to our dreams. The challenge arises when dissonance doesn’t allow us to reinforce our beliefs; quite simply this is what it means to “question your identity”.

There will be moments in our life, that shake the very foundation upon which we have been building our sense of self. When confronted with such a situation our responsibility becomes to listen to the voices of discord within our being and allow the multitude of perspectives to harmonize into one clear melody.

To do so, requires sitting with uncertainty.

Having done so, shows us that we can choose what we seek.

And in the space between what was and what will be, we learn that we have the power to construct the narrative of our life. Even if that means at time, starting over again.

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