The Structure

This calendar shows the distribution of activities for a hypothetical month. Each of the three timeframes: Research, Execution, and Reflection are explained in more detail below.

This process will be repeated for each theme, at the start of every month.


The first 10 days of every month are dedicated to “research.”

External Research involves and isn’t limited to reviewing key publications / papers, identifying top 3 researchers who have been influential in this space, understanding how the concept is perceived, identifying relevant measurement / data tracking techniques, etc.

Internal Research involves journaling and exploring what about this space calls me, this process is encouraged to be treaded organically… so I won’t say more here, I will include additional details in the reports.

Integration: taking both worlds of knowledge into account, the next step is articulating “central questions of exploration.” These questions will guide the execution, and help us to do the final set up necessary before we get started with the “doing.”

The last step before execution is deciding “activities” or “triggers” which will act as a framework for the doing. The framework can include concepts like: how to measure / monitor progress, what to journal when, informational interviews, etc.


The majority of the month (18 or so days) will be spent “doing” things, whatever “doing” may mean….


The last 2-3 days of the month are reserved for consolidating. The intention is to draw insight from my experiences and observations, and draft / publish the monthly report.

Please note: this whole process resets on structured spontaneity.

Implying: we are creating a framework within which we must explore “freely.” Things will change, and that is ok – in fact change is the only constant that is expected.

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