February Report 1/3

The Theme for February is: The Foundation. The two core concepts that I will be exploring are “values” and “the process”.

The point of the Self-Expansion project is to expand my own boundaries – but before I do that, I need to understand what my boundaries are… or more so what my values are. I need to articulate what I find important and happy making in life.

There are two primary reasons for doing this: first, so that I can anchor – consciously, in what is important to me, and second, so I can understand how to teach others to do the same if I decide to include a “values” workshop as part of the foundation for Xpanse.

So mettaaaaa — “values” are my foundation, and perhaps the foundation of the work we will do with individuals through Xpanse… I guess it’s a good thing that “The Foundation” is our first theme.

In the mind map above, you’ll notice a bunch of questions; these questions are my avenues of further exploration.

In the next few days, I will be establishing a routine that will help me “tune in” on a daily basis… let’s see how it goes 😉

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